Growth Mindset and the Impact on Learning Attitudes

Anna Galloway

Seminar Title

Growth Mindset and the Impact on Learning Attitudes


Focus of the Research

Growth Mindset

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Research Was Applied


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Where Research Was Applied

Special Education

Additional Discipline Areas

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All Disciplines


“I can’t do this, this is too hard!” How many times a day have you heard this from your students? If you’ve ever wondered what to do about this negative self doubt, then this seminar is for you! In this seminar you will learn about growth mindset and what this could do for you and your students. As I thought about how I could help the students on my caseload, I dove into growth mindset and concentrated on boosting the positive behavior and self esteem of my students. My hope is that you will be able to walk away with new ideas and approaches for increasing the growth mindset of your students. If you are looking for a deeper discussion then this is the session for you.