How could classroom discourse impacts students' learning achievement?

Amany Elaraby

Seminar Title

How could classroom discourse impacts students' learning achievement?


Focus of the Research

Discourse, Authenticity, community , inclusion, and learning achievement

Grade Level

Research Was Applied

7th Grade

Relevant Grade Level


Middle School


Where Research Was Applied


Additional Discipline Areas

I see Application to

Language Arts


As educators, do we always provide students with time to engage in meaningful academic dialogue? Although the reasons for the limited amount of time devoted to classroom discussions may be understandable, the result is regrettable! Engaging in meaningful instructional conversations leads to deeper learning which will help students build their capacity and stamina to become independent learners. I have implemented my research in an EL classroom. However, I believe that my research is relevant to all students, all grade levels, and is easily adaptable to other disciplines. I believe my research connects to many concepts. It touches on equity, culturally responsive teaching, community, and much more. Although distance learning has not been ideal with implementing classroom oral discourse, it provided an opportunity to creatively adapt research-based strategies. My data reflects that even though distance learning challenges, my students made academic progress, especially in their writing skills as well as their oral language development. My hope is that you will be inspired to provide more opportunities for students to participate in classroom discussions to develop higher-level skills such as building ideas, solving problems, and thinking critically and creatively!