How do you engage students during distance learning?

Kristine Schwartz

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How do you engage students during distance learning?


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5th Grade

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5th Grade


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All Disciplines


Every year you have a brand new group of students who have reputations. All students make an impact on their previous teacher and it is our job to use the statistics, test scores and testimonies to learn more about how to best support the new incoming students. However, what happens when you have a completely new platform for learning? I focused on best practices of engaging students and implemented during distance learning. I took the fundamental concepts of relationship building, differentiation, and growth mindset to engage all students throughout this school year. In this seminar you will walk away with a new perspective on the importance of relationships while engaging online, as well as being energized to connect with students on a personal level. This research is elementary based however, could also benefit middle school students as well. All teachers need to engage their students to be successful, this was my challenge.