How does building classroom community affect student engagement?

Ellen Wu

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How does building classroom community affect student engagement?


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Classroom Community

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Think back to a time when you were in school. What do you remember most? Was it the teacher, was it a positive experience, was it the feeling of success, was it the physical classroom space? There are so many different outcomes when it comes to a child’s school journey. The feelings of school developed throughout their first years of education can shape the course of one’s educational journey. If you are interested in learning about the correlation of fostering a strong classroom community and the effect on student engagement, this is the session for you! Through my research and implementation we looked deeply at the beginning milestones of a child’s educational journey starting in Kindergarten. We honed in on the outcomes of engagement levels at the Kindergarten level when there was a positive role model, parental support, student trust, and a warm welcoming physical environment. I believe my research on community building would be the best fit for Kindergarten educators but presented material could benefit any grade level teacher.