How does collaboration between teachers benefit diverse learners?

Ashli Callaway

Seminar Title

How does collaboration between teachers benefit diverse learners?


Focus of the Research

Collaboration, Cultrually Responsive Teaching, Social Emotional Learning, English language development,

Grade Level

Research Was Applied

Middle School

Relevant Grade Level


Middle School


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All Disciplines


Are you a gen-ed teacher looking for ways to support diverse learners in your classroom? As an English language teacher, I have seen first hand the importance of collaboration in the classroom to support student learning. One of our main goals as teachers is to create independent learners, however, we know many students with diverse learning needs struggle to be independent. Collaboration allows teachers to build community across disciples while teaching students the skills to be independent. My research has shifted because of Covid 19, however, because of this shift, I have now realized the benefit of collaboration to support ALL students. I have learned that collaboration between teachers can be done in several different ways and through technology it is even more possible. My hope is that you will leave this session understanding the importance of collaboration. When teachers are able to collaborate, students are able to receive the support needed to be successful. As an EL teacher, I will give you tools to support EL students in grades K-12. Yet, this presentation is truly applicable to any teacher looking to support students with diverse needs. I have learned that collaboration between content teachers and EL teachers is the biggest way to support diverse learners. I am looking forward to meeting you. Let's collaborate!