How does feedback and reflection impact engagement in writing for seventh-grade students?

Alexandra Pekarna

Seminar Title

How does feedback and reflection impact engagement in writing for seventh-grade students?


Focus of the Research

Engagement, Feedback, and Self Reflection

Grade Level

Research Was Applied

7th Grade

Relevant Grade Level


Middle School


Where Research Was Applied

Language Arts

Additional Discipline Areas

I see Application to

All Disciplines


Seeing students throw away a piece of paper covered in feedback that has hardly been acknowledged has always made me cringe as a teacher. Educators spend hours grading papers for students and often feel like the feedback provided goes unused. Those are hours that could be spent responding to emails, creating lesson plans, attending meetings, or planning field trips. So are those precious hours spent on grading worth it? I am excited about my research because students have become more engaged with the process of reflecting on feedback given. Although my seventh-grade students still like checking things off their to-do list, they are on the road to understanding the process of using feedback to enhance their learning. I believe that my research is relevant to most grade levels and would be useful across many different disciplines; even outside of the education field. The key concept that was addressed in my research was feedback in relation to student engagement, but I also spent time learning about and exploring reflection, student motivation, and peer relationships. My hope for you is that you will be inspired to approach feedback with a different mindset. At the conclusion of the session, it will be my goal to provide a few new takeaways that may help your own students engage with their assignments on a new level; excited to make improvements! I would be honored to have you at my session where we will discuss and learn together more about student engagement and feedback. Hope to see you there!