How does play-based learning impact math scores in first grade?

Sarah Petersen

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How does play-based learning impact math scores in first grade?


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1st Grade

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Throughout my years of teaching I have seen my students struggle with engagement and motivation during math instruction. Many of my students have a fixed mindset and give up when confronted with a challenge. After researching motivation in math and student engagement, I found that incorporating play-based learning to be an effective strategy to use with students. A goal that I wanted for my students was to provide a rich and engaging environment that supports the curriculum used. In order to meet my goal I decided to add play-based centers to aid instruction that focuses on different types of play strategies to boost student engagement and math scores. If you are interested in play and seeing how it impacts motivation and scores then this session is for you! This research was done in a first grade classroom, but I feel that this research can apply to other elementary grade levels as well.