How does student choice affect assessment?

Michael Humphrey

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How does student choice affect assessment?


Focus of the Research

Choice in Assessment

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Research Was Applied

3rd Grade

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All Disciplines


Does anyone like tests? Teachers don’t and students definitely don’t. Assessments are a necessary part of education and can’t be avoided. Whether it’s state standardized tests, district assessments, or weekly quizzes, there is no getting around them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it. I did my research with my third grade class in math. I compared the scores of students when they were given choice in assessment as opposed to when they weren’t. I also looked into how much they enjoyed having these opportunities. I believe that my research could apply to any grade level or subject that includes assessment of any kind. It also has relevance to anyone who has a particular interest in improved test scores or the benefits of student choice. Giving choice in assessment brings students enjoyment. Choice also leads to improved scores. That’s a good situation for everybody involved. My hope is that you see how and why these are realistic outcomes for giving students choice in assessments and to be inspired to incorporate more choice into your classroom. If testing is a negative aspect of your experience as an educator, please join me in a discussion to help fix it!