How Might a Growth Mindset Build Grit in an Elementary Music Classroom?

Tracy Wojcik

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How Might a Growth Mindset Build Grit in an Elementary Music Classroom?


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Growth Mindset and Grit

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Have you ever been frustrated by students who give up easily and run from adversity? They claim they “can’t do it” or that the lesson is “stupid” before they try or have practiced. This is something that I have seen from students in my elementary music classroom when they don’t believe they can do a given task. As teachers, we want our students to live up to their fullest potential. It is hard to see a student put themselves down and give up when they are capable of so much more. This is why I wanted to research how a growth mindset could help my students not only with believing in themselves but also with persevering through challenges to reach a given goal. Although this year has not been ideal with implementing everything I wanted to achieve for my students, I have still seen some improvement and believe in the research I’ve done. It does not matter what age students you have or what subject you teach, if you want to discuss how to build a growth mindset and grit so that students believe in themselves, are able to face adversity with motivation, overcome mistakes and failure to reach long term goals, then join me for this session!