How Might Effective Questioning Strategies Impact Student Autonomy?

Kelsey Timm

Seminar Title

How Might Effective Questioning Strategies Impact Student Autonomy?


Focus of the Research

Autonomy, Motivation, Mediative Questioning

Grade Level

Research Was Applied

2nd Grade

Relevant Grade Level




Where Research Was Applied


Additional Discipline Areas

I see Application to

All Disciplines


“Can you help me?” “I don’t know what to do.” “What is the answer?” Are these things that your students often say or ask? Do you usually respond by saying, “Try to figure it out on your own!” or “You can do this!” Did you know there are more effective ways we can support our students in solving problems independently without giving them the answers? An outcome of this seminar is to learn how we can properly use effective questioning strategies to support autonomy or independent problem-solving skills in your students. During my action research process, I explored the strategy of mediative questioning and how that might help my students solve problems independently. This concept can be applied to any age and any subject area, although my focus was second grade math. Learning how to independently problem-solve can be beneficial for any age, so let me share with you how it worked for me. All participants can expect a safe space to have an open, honest, and real discussion about ways we can support independent problem-solving.