How might one on one conferencing impact behavior?

Sarah Schneck

Seminar Title

How might one on one conferencing impact behavior?


Focus of the Research

Behavior, One on one conferencing

Grade Level

Research Was Applied

1st Grade

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All Disciplines


Are you struggling with unwanted behaviors in your classroom? The biggest obstacle I faced in teaching was dealing with undesired behaviors such as blurting and not following directions. I wanted to examine my own approach and empower students to make positive behavior choices on their own. Through my research, I examined reasons behind misbehavior, impact of different teaching styles, and intrinsic motivation. I decided to conduct one on one conferences with my 1st grade students to hear from them about the behavior issue and collaborate on a solution together. Unwanted behaviors are present in every grade so all teachers are invited to discuss behavior. If you are looking for an opportunity to dig deeper into the why of behavior, discuss the impact of different strategies, and share your own experiences with behavior, this is the session for you!