How will teaching mindfulness and growth mindset impact students' math achievement?

Rachel Downey

Seminar Title

How will teaching mindfulness and growth mindset impact students' math achievement?


Focus of the Research

SEL/ Mindfulness /Growth Mindset

Grade Level

Research Was Applied

4th Grade

Relevant Grade Level


3rd Grade


Where Research Was Applied


Additional Discipline Areas

I see Application to

Language Arts


Many teachers have heard about mindfulness and growth mindset, but how much does implementing it every day truly impact students and their perspective on school? And how does it specifically change students' mindset in math? We have all had that student who comes to school with the mindset of ‘I hate math’ ‘I am no good at math’ ‘I will never understand this’ ‘I give up’ If you are interested in discussing how to change that students words and change their mind this session is for you! I began this journey with my Digital Academy 4th grade students in Apple Valley, Minnesota. At the beginning of the school year, I had hopes to shift the way students viewed and felt about school, specifically in math. I implemented mindfulness in my classroom by teaching students about growth mindset, talking about strengths and weaknesses and lastly using a mindful journal each day to build on the strategies. Through this process I noticed a shift in my students by choosing calming strategies when they are feeling confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed. I hope you are inspired to dive deep into mindfulness, by first shifting your mindset then modeling this to your students. If you are wanting to learn more about how to use mindfulness and growth mindset in your classroom please join me for this discussion!