What is the effect of increased student choice in a distance learning format?

Peter Belde

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What is the effect of increased student choice in a distance learning format?


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Student Choice

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4th Grade

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How many times has this happened to you in the last year? You are going to grade some online work that was assigned. You have your coffee ready. Your data and spreadsheets are set. You finally click on the assignment to begin grading only to see 25% of your class has completed the work. How frustrating. This last year as a teacher has been crazy. We have all found ourselves needing solutions to problems that weren’t there before. It was rare to see most of my class doing their daily assignments, so I needed a solution and I kept stumbling upon and hearing about “student choice.” After researching the topic and understanding the fundamental benefits of the concept, I decided that this was the perfect year, the year of distance learning, to see if increasing student choice worked. My plan quickly evolved from wondering if “choice boards” would increase daily math work rates to assessment data, attendance in Google Meets live sessions, daily mood, and motivation during distance learning as a whole. This information is relevant to all teachers, but especially for the upper elementary grades through middle school ages. If you would like to hear my story about implementing a fully choice-based system of learning and it’s outcomes, please join me for the fun!